Madrid: Chindasvinto Moreno, our oldest volunteer, has passed away

Mr. Chindasvinto Moreno died in Madrid on September 28, 2022, at the age of 94. Rest in peace.

Foto Chindas 2021

Chindasvinto was a good man, well known in EZA and in IPCM, for his contribution to the seminars and the relations between its members.

The IPCM president defined him as “an excellent, hard-working and kind man, who had a clear international vision and a deep Christian sense. We will always remember him as a participant in multiple seminars, always willing to travel despite his age”.

Chindasvinto worked on development cooperation projects in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Paraguay, to help their authorities in the implementation of vocational training. For many years, he was an official of the Spanish Ministry of Labor.

Since his retirement, he collaborated as a volunteer with the Humanism and Democracy Foundation. It was an effective support for the IPCM technical secretariat. He participated in numerous seminars in several countries.

He received recognition for the work of volunteers over seventy years of age, by the Community of Madrid, on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day 2017.

Numerous expressions of condolences and affection have been received. Piergiorgio Sciacqua, vice-president of PICM and co-president of EZA, has defined him as “a beautiful person and a great friend”. Roswitha Gottbehüt, former general secretary of EZA, has written: “During all the years, when we met at seminars, somewhere in Europe, I could feel a deep Christian behaviour in his mind”.

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