Sintra-Lisbon: International seminar "The role of the social partners in the definition of a new model of labour relations"

sintrapicmThe IPCM took part in the International Seminar, "The role of the social partners in the definition of a new model of labour relations to obtain decent, quality and long-lasting jobs" with the support of the European Commission, organised by FIDESTRA within the framework of the work of EZA and IPCM. Acting as hosts were the FIDESTRA President, Fernando Moura e Silva, and the Vice-president of IPCM, Maria Reina Martin.

On the Spanish side, intervening was the H+D and IPCM President, Rafael Rodriguez-Ponga, who discussed the current situation in Europe, together with the former Portuguese Minister for Solidarity and Employment, Pedro Matos Soares, and the Belgian trade unionist, Dirk Uyttenhove, President of Europees Forum (pictured). They all agreed that social problems are not only economic, rather they have complex causes and solutions of a political nature in many cases.

Attending were several leaders of social organisations in other countries, such as the Italian MCL, with Piergiorgio Sciacqua, who is, in turn, Co-president of EZA; and the Polish trade union, Solidarnosc.

H+D was also represented by our volunteer, Chindasvinto Moreno. On the Spanish side, Prof. Javier Morillas of San Pablo CEU University analysed the current economic situation; EZA Vice-president and president of UCEM, Josep Calv├│, gave the view from Barcelona; and the Spanish Centre for Workers' Questions (CEAT) participated through Jesus Casado and Francisco Dominguez.