The world responds to migration

The IPCM board, meeting in Madrid made the following statement:

The International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM) follows the international community's political agenda with great interest, paying particular attention to the growing phenomenon of migration.


- On 14 September, the Debate on the State of the Union, in Strasbourg.

- On 16 September, the European Summit in Bratislava.

- On 19 September, the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants, in New York.

The IPCM considers that the measures taken by the EU are positive developments, however it hopes for a more cohesive common policy and greater understanding of - and solidarity with - the countries in the South, who are the first to receive the influx of illegal migrants.

The IPCM particularly welcomes the New York Declaration, soon to be adopted, as this provides a long-term view, beyond emergency situations and humanitarian aid. It is a historic landmark that 193 UN member states are working to strengthen the 1951 Convention, to provide a shared response, along with opportunities for education and employment.

The IPCM urges its organisations and all civic society to continue working within the framework of international agreements, to achieve the welfare of migrants, displaced persons and refugees.

Madrid, september 18th 2016