Barcelona / Iquique: Study on the integration of young immigrants in Spain and Chile

Two professors from the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU, in Barcelona, ​​are carrying out a research project on the integration of young immigrants. Dr. Carmen Parra and Dr. Olga Lasaga have traveled to the city of Iquique (Tarapacá region, Chile).

2024 02 Parra Lasaga en Chile

The project has the following title: “From barriers to opportunities, helping the integration of young migrants.” It is funded by ICUSTA (International Council of Universities based on the spirit of Saint Thomas Aquinas). The president of ICUSTA is Dr. Alessando Mini.

The project is a collaboration between the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (Barcelona, ​​Spain) and the Universidad Santo Tomás (Iquique, Chile). Abat Oliba CEU University is a member of IPCM.

Professors Carmen Parra and Olga Lasaga have visited the community of Bolivian immigrants located in the hamlet of La Caleta Los Verdes (Iquique, Tarapacá).

The project has made it possible to verify the effectiveness of the social intervention program with the immigrant population developed jointly by the research groups of both universities. Its implementation has aimed to improve self-esteem and communication skills to promote the participants' insertion into the labour market.

The researchers are working with Arab immigrant women in Barcelona and with Bolivian immigrants in Iquique.

This meeting of research groups has made it possible to establish the bases for the creation of a practical guide that will be offered openly to public and private entities. The researchers will prepare two scientific articles that will be published in prestigious journals.

The professors taught a course on university social responsibility to students at the University of Santo Tomás, in Iquique.

Dr. Carmen Parra is a professor of International Law; and is the director of the UNESCO Chair of Peace, Solidarity and Intercultural Dialogue. Dr. Olga Lasaga is a professor of Social Psychology and director of the Labour Observatory.

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