Milan: Social and environmental problems are directly related!

The "Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori" (MCL) held an international seminar in Milan (Italy), on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. It was organized by EFAL, with EZA and IPCM. It brought together leaders and experts from 17 countries.

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The headquarters of the Council of the Lombardy Region (Palazzo Pirelli) hosted the seminar organized by EFAL and MCL, on November 25 and 26, 2022.

The theme of the seminar was “The ecological transition and the new professions in a sustainable economy”.

It brought together leaders and experts from 17 countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Albania, Romania, Greece, Montenegro.

Carlo Borghetti, Vice President of the Council of the Lombardy Region, welcomed: he made an appeal for the common good. EZA President Luc Van den Brande (Belgium) said that the ecological transition is global and that we need “international social dialogue”.

Antonio di Matteo, president of the MCL, called for "let us overcome nationalism in Europe" and underlined the great work done by the MCL for 50 years. He affirmed that "we want to be part of the decisions that affect the integral dimension of the person".

Giorgio D'Antoni, legal representative of EFAL, spoke about the new professions and the need for training.

Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga, president of PICM and rector of the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (Barcelona, ​​Spain), spoke of the need for more collaboration between social, religious, political and academic entities. "Together we will bear more fruit." He recalled that the IPCM is where it is needed at all times, to know the reality of migration problems. For this reason, they have visited the southern border of the EU in Melilla (Spain) and the Ukrainian refugee center in Nasutow (Poland), as well as other care centers for refugees and immigrants in Lisbon, Madrid and other cities.

Piergiorgio Sciacqua (EZA, MCL, IPCM) chaired one of the sessions and recalled that Christian humanism is the foundation of our organizations.

Joseph Touvenel (CFTC, France) spoke about certain current problems: the relationship between the market and work; the integration of immigrants; the aging and loneliness of many people in Europe; the problem of child labor in Africa.

Maria Reina Martin (Fidestra, Portugal) related migrations to climate change and referred to “climate migrants”. She also presented specific projects that are being carried out in Portugal for rural development, agri-food production and solar energy production.

Carmen Quintanilla (AFAMMER, Spain) spoke of the need to guarantee equal opportunities for people in the rural world. Food sovereignty and agricultural production depend on the rural world.

Norbert Schnedl (OGB, Austria, and EZA) referred to the Austrian model in labor relations and the importance of social dialogue from a Christian perspective.

Javier Morillas (Universidad San Pablo CEU and Court of Accounts, Spain) explained that development depends on the agricultural sector and the participation of women in social life, among other factors. He called to uphold Western values.

The participants discussed the relationship between migration, economic development, social welfare and the environmental situation.

Among the participating politicians, the presence of David Agius, Vice President of the Parliament of Malta; Massimiliano Salini, Member of the European Parliament (EPP-EPP, Italy); Pedro Mota Soares, former Minister of Labor (Portugal); Janer Cigler Krali, Senator and former Minister of Labor (Slovenia); Alexandru Nazare, Senator (Romania). All of them insisted on the importance of Christian values ​​in political life.

On behalf of the IPCM, Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga, president; Piergiorgio Sciacqua and Maria Reina Martin, vice-presidents; Ignacio Argote, secretary; Alessandro Mini, deputy secretary.

We would like to highlight also the presence of the current EZA general secretary, Sigrid Schraml; and former EZA General Secretary Roswitha Götbehutt, who was warmly received. Other speakers were Bilbil Kasmi (SAUATT, Albania), Margherita Peroni (MCL, Italy), Bert Van Dael (UETDC, Belgium).

Finally, the Archbishop of Milan, Monsignor Mario Enrico Delphini, congratulated the MCL on its 50th anniversary. He called for a "critical presence in society", because "the world needs a Christian vision". He praised the "firmness of our convictions and our consistency."

This seminar had the support of the European Union.

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