Sintra (Portugal): humanistic vision for digital work

BASE-Frente Unitária de Trabalhadores (BASE-FUT) and the Centro de Formação e Tempos Livres (CFTL), organized an international seminar on the challenges of digitizing the economy. 


In their interventions, the participants agreed on the idea that it is necessary to reinforce the humanistic vision in an increasingly digital economy. It is necessary to put people at the center, to achieve a decent life.

The seminar brought together members of workers' organizations from Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal; as well as university researchers, ecologists, trainers and a company from the technology sector.

The inauguration was carried out by the president of the CFTL, Paulo Caetano, and the president of EZA, Luc van der Brande, who spoke about the importance of verbalizing the impact of the digital economy on the lives of workers.

The events began with a note condemning the invasion of Ukraine and a declaration of solidarity with Ukrainian citizens.

The speakers, as well as the participants, discussed energy dependence and its implications for the lives of citizens; about the great crisis of resources that we suffer as a result of the digitalization of the economies; about new materials such as lithium; of the costs of renewable energy and sustainability. Likewise, the flexibility of jobs and the constant adaptation required by an increasingly technological world. As well as the impact for men and women.

Joao Paulo Branco, president of BASE-FUT, led the seminar. Among others members, João Paulo Branco (Base Fut, CFTL), Paula Tejero (USO, Unión Sindical Obrera), Joseph Thouvenel (CFTC), Wolfgang Herrmann (Catholic Workers' Ministry), Carmen Quintanilla (Afammer), Orlando Coutinho (Fidestra), Alessandro Mini (Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona University ).

The core message was that people must be at the center of change. Pedro Estevão (BASE-FUT) and Piergiorgio Sciacqua (EZA and PICM) closed the event.

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