International Migrants Day

The International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (PICM / IPCM) wants to make public that

1. The IPCM joins the celebration of International Migrants Day, on December 18, established by the United Nations.

2. The IPCM is deeply concerned about the situation at some points on the external border of the European Union. In particular, we are attentive to the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus, and between Hungary and Serbia. Many migrants are victims of human trafficking networks and political pressure. The situation is truly dramatic.

3. We recognize the important role of Christian organizations in assisting migrants in such difficult situations.

4. We note that the covid pandemic is an additional difficulty for the development of all countries and for millions of people.

5. We reiterate our commitment to continue working for the common good and coexistence, from Christian humanism, from each of our organizations.