Aveiro and Porto: LOC-MTC international seminars

LOC-MTC (Liga Operária Católica/Movimento de Trabalhadores Cristãos) organizes new international seminars on labor and social issues in Europe. The problems of immigrants and refugees are present.

From March 11 to 14, a seminar on the forms of work in the digital age took place in Aveiro. This new situation brings new forms of relationships.

Members of Base-Fut, JOC, LOC-MTC, Quercus, Fidestra, KAB from Germany, HOAC from Spain, ACO and CFTC from France, KAP from the Czech Republic, and EZA attended. It was attended by Américo Monteiro, LOC-MTC National Coordinator; and Maria Reina Martin, vice president of EZA and PICM-IPCM. 

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From October 7-10, LOC-MTC organizes another seminar, in the city of Porto. It has the title of "The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on employment, families, society and social protection."

It will be chaired by its coordinator, Américo Monteiro Oliveira, and the vice-coordinator, Maria Alice Marques Pereira.

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