Madrid: webminars on the social situation in Ibero-America

The Concordia y Libertad Foundation has held several webminars to analyze the current social, economic and political situation of the Ibero-American countries. FCyL maintains development cooperation projects in various Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

On June 7, the seminar entitled: "Situation in Colombia: an analysis of the current political and social situation in the country" was held. Among others, the participation of Wilson Ruiz Orejuela, Minister of Justice and Law of Colombia, stood out.

Another online seminar was held on May 24, on the social, political and economic scenarios and perspectives of Peru. Another was held on March 4, on the challenges Ecuador faces.

These cyber-seminars have been coordinated by Maribel Alañón, director of the Concordia y Libertad Foundation and deputy secretary of the Board of Directors of the IPCM/PICM. They have had the participation of Valentina Martínez Ferro and Dionisio García Carnero, members of the Board of the Foundation, experts familiar with the Ibero-American reality.

These meetings also serve as a bridge between Latin America and Europe.