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Paris, February 21, 2019

On the occasion of the meeting of the Board of Directors of IPCM, we thank FIDESTRA for organizing the seminar that brought us together.

The IPCM turns ten years old. In 2009, a group of social entities from several countries, meeting in Madrid, decided to give legal form to the platform that had been functioning informally. The PICM/IPCM was born as a registered association according to Spanish legislation. Our thanks to its first president, the Italian Piergiorgio Sciacqua, for the impulse given.

I want to emphasize that in these ten years:

  1. The IPCM has held 50 meetings of its governing bodies, in six European countries: Spain (Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Guadalajara), Italy (Milano, Naples), Portugal (Lisbon, Amarante, Évora, Guimaraes, Sintra) , Belgium (Brussels), Malta (Valletta) and, today, in France (Paris).

  2. The organizations of the IPCM have held a hundred seminars. Experts from various countries, NGOs, trade unions, political parties, religious organizations and academic institutions have participated in them. They have been possible thanks to the financing of EZA and the European Commission, and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  3. The IPCM has positioned itself publicly before the main international issues, through declarations that are on our website, in several languages.

  4. The IPCM has been a forum for exchange, dialogue, analysis and deliberation, sharing the core values that inspire us.

  5. The members of IPCM have known closely the reality of complex situations. Recall the visit to the city of Melilla (on the Spanish border of the European Union with Morocco) and visits to refugee centers or immigrants in several European cities.

For the future, we propose:

  • To expand the number of entities participating in the IPCM.

  • To reinforce the academic and university aspects of the IPCM, with studies and publications.

  • To improve the links between the member organizations, to consolidate our common work with a Europeanist spirit.

  • To commemorate the Fifth Centenary of the First World Tour of the expedition of Magellan and Elcano (1519-1522), because it contributed decisively to the knowledge of the Earth and to recognize us as part of the same Humanity.

I encourage everyone to continue working together within the IPCM, for the benefit of the common good.

Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga, President of PICM

*Executive board. Photo (from left to right): Josep Calvó, Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga, Maria Reina Martin, Piergiorgio Sciacqua, Vittorino Rodaro e Ignacio Argote.

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