Portugal welcomes refugees in its local environment

fatimaAttention to refugees for their integration into the local environment is a priority at the reception center of the Portuguese Council for Refugees (CPR) in the town of Loures, near Lisbon. Members of IPCM, guided by Vice President Maria Reina Martín, visited the center, where they were received by its director, Tito Matos.

There, they toured the facilities, learned about its operation and were able to converse with people from Somalia, Guinea-Bissau or Guinea-Conakry.

The center provides legal, social and cultural support services. It pays special attention in relation to the local environment: Portuguese language teaching; participation of refugees and Portuguese in sports activities; job search advice for all; schooling in the same schools. 

The center now houses 95 people and serves a thousand people throughout the year.

This visit is part of the seminar "The role of workers' organizations in the integration of immigrants (refugees) in society and the labor market" (see programme). Organized by FIDESTRA, with the support of EZA and the European Commission, it was held in Lisbon and Fatima, between January 26 and 28. 

Delegates from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands participated.

The Dutch Bartho Pronk, president of EZA; the Italian Piergiorgio Sciaqua, co-president of EZA; and the Spanish Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga, president of PICM, highlighted the work of Portugal. In particular, they praised the effort of integration of refugees with the local community, with its linguistic and religious aspects.

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