Lisbon: IPCM at the International Seminar "The role of collective bargaining in promoting decent jobs"

lisbonbasefutThe International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM) was the collaborating body at the international seminar "The role of collective bargaining in promoting decent jobs" held in Lisbon from 25-28 February. The seminar was organised by the Centro de Formação e Tempos livres (C.F.T.L) and Base-Frente Unitária de Trabalhadores (BASE-F.U.T) with funding from the European Union and the European Centre for Workers' Questions (EZA).

The seminar was opened by Paulo Caetano, President of CFTL, with Josep Calvó, Vice-president of EZA, who kicked off the two days of debate on collective bargaining under the European social dialogue for the promotion of decent jobs and the fight against poverty. This involved hearing the experiences of countries such as Portugal, Spain and Poland, with a final statement on findings from various projects on the new challenges faced in health and safety at work in 2015.