After the celebration of the European choices of last May 25, the IPCM wants to publicize the following declaration:

  1. The International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM) request to the futures responsible for the European institutions (Parliament, Commission and Advice) a major attention and implication with regard to the problems derived from the migrations. The IPCM considers necessarily to advance towards a real politics of immigration.
  2. The IPCM shows his deep worry for the advance of groups with xenophobic and racist ideologies that put in danger the democratic and pacific conviviality of the in habitants of the E.U.
  3. The IPCM defends the Constitutional state and the International Law and, therefore, it denounces the existence of networks of person’s traffic and the violation of human rights, of the borders and of the beginning of good vicinity.
  4. To concrete, the problems that have arisen in the borders of countries as Spain (in Melilla and in Ceuta), in Italy (in Lampedusa) or in Malta, they must be approached from a perspective that implies the whole E.U., in search of a joint an definitive solution.
  5. The IPCM request also one more suitable cooperation to the development with the lands of origin and of traffic of the immigrants who flee of situation of extreme poverty, armed conflicts and lack of freedoms.

        Lisboa, on May 31, 2014