palermoThe International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM) has participated at an European seminar about "Migration in the European Union, work market, righst and security”, held in city of Palermo (Sicily, Italy), November 8-10, 2012.

IPCM President, Mr. Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga Salamanca, had a presentation durign the session " Decent work in migration: inequality and rights". He explained the work of the Platform, born in 2004, in Palermo. Now it has its headquarters in Madrid, in Fundación Humanismo y Democracia (H+D). Mr. Ponga is president of both IPCM and H+D.

He explainded the situation of immigrants in Spain and the European Union, according to the latest information. He enfasized the problem for Spain: 33% is the rate of unemployment among foreigners, the highest in the EU. " Rather than stay in the complaint, we have to seek solutions to the problems and overcome the dichotomies such as North/South, rich/poor, from here/ from beyond”, Mr. Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga said.


palermo02IPCM Vicepresident, Mr. Piergiorgio Sciaqua, from Italy, attended in his capacity as co-President of EZA (, and European network which is part of IPCM as founding member. He directed the opening remarks of the seminar, insisting on the desirability of strengthening linkages between social organizations..


Another Member of IPCM, the UNAIE, was represented by its President, Mr Franco Narducci, who presented the situation of the rights of the Italian emigrants abroad.


The President and Vice-President of IPCM held a working meeting, to plan upcoming meetings that will take place in Madrid, Milano and Brussels.

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