Sintra-Lisboa: IPCM BoD plans 2016 activities

on Monday, 25 January 2016 09:13.

rdirectiva230116IPCM's board of directors met in Sintra (Portugal) on 23 January to plan events for 2016, as well as deciding on the Platform's position vis-a-vis the international situation and setting up task forces.

The meeting was attended by IPCM President Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga; Vice-presidents Piergiorgio Sciaqua and Maria Reina Martín; Secretary Jesús Casado; Treasurer Josep Calvó; Vice-treasurer Francisco Domínguez; BoD member Álvaro Domingos; and Chindasvinto Moreno from the technical secretariat.


We celebrated International Migrants’ Day

on Friday, 18 December 2015 12:56.

On International Migrants' Day we echoed the message from the Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, pledging to advance further with our work based on the respect for human rights, legislation and international standards, in a shared commitment not to leave anyone by the wayside.

That day we also wanted to remember all those displaced by war; the tragedy of those drowned in the Mediterranean; Sub-Saharan Africans in the straits; migrants from Central America to the United States; in short, all those people who risk their lives to escape death or who are looking for a better life, and the need to continue fighting against human trafficking.

For these reasons the International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM) continues to work for the recognition of asylum in the EU, a right which cannot be ignored. We appeal to the joint responsibility of the authorities of all countries concerned, whether countries of origin, transit or recipients, in order to assist these people, save lives and ensure the safety of all. And we urge greater attention towards and involvement in the problems arising from migration, in order to move towards a true European immigration policy.



on Tuesday, 08 December 2015 09:56.

malta1501Within the framework of the General Assembly and Seminar to present the events for 2016 organised by the European Centre for Workers' Questions (EZA), held from 3 to 5 December in Malta, some of the IPCM Board members held an informal meeting to review the programme of events and joint projects for next year.

malta1504During the seminar Piergiorgio Sciacqua, Co-President of EZA, briefed EZA members on the various different events organised by the Platform, and awarded Chindasvinto Moreno with a plaque in recognition of his long service to the IPCM.

*Pictured (left to right): Maribel Alañón, CEO of H & D (Humanism and Democracy); Piergiorgio Sciacqua and Chindasvinto Moreno.

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