eza15111The International Seminar "Strategies to promote inclusive employment" (see programme), organised by the Humanism and Democracy Foundation, the founding member of the International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM), was held from 16 to 18 October this year in Madrid. This seminar takes place within the framework of the Social Dialogue Project designed by the European Centre for Workers' Questions (EZA), financed by the European Union and with the collaboration of the IPCM.

For three days participants discussed integration and inclusion within the labour market and the future prospects for vulnerable individuals in Europe, hearing experiences from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The seminar coincided, on 17 October, with the celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. In this regard the seminar stated its strong commitment to continue working for the eradication of extreme poverty, joining the United Nations' motto this year of "Building a Sustainable Future: uniting to end poverty and discrimination".

eza1510The seminar was opened by Rafael Rodriguez-Ponga, president of the IPCM, Josep Calvó, treasurer of IPCM and vice-president of the European Centre for Workers' Questions - EZA (Germany) and Carlos Izquierdo, director of Social Policy and Family for CAM (Community of Madrid), who spoke on immigration in the Community of Madrid, "a place where the immigrant is not seen as a victim of capitalism, but rather is thanked for coming here and starting a new life plan here, simply as one more, with equal duties, rights and opportunities". The positive result of this commitment is the creation of the CEPIS where equality, employment, integration and mutual knowledge is promoted. He stated that the Community of Madrid "still believes that the best social policy is that of job-creation and not handing out benefits". Consequently he expressed his commitment to support inclusive employment for those who want to work but have greatest difficulty in finding a job.

eza153Friday's session was divided into two working sessions. The first, entitled the Labour market situation in Spain and future prospects. Activation measures for employment, was addressed by José Ramón Pin, lecturer at the IESE Business School, University of Navarre. Then presented was the study, "Integration and Inclusion in the Labour Market of the Europe 2020 Strategy", by Lise Szekér, Research Associate for the Research Institute for Work and Society - HIVA. Belgium. (see presentation)

Saturday began with the paper: Promoting the employment of those at risk of social exclusion in the Community of Madrid, presented by Pablo Gómez-Tavira, General Manager for Social Services and Social Integration in the Community of Madrid (see presentation). The seminar continued with two roundtable sessions on the response from workers' organisations to the promotion of employment and social and work-related inclusion, discussing experiences and best practices in Europe. At the first round table session the speaker was José Luis Fernández Santillana, director of the Research Unit within the Unión Sindical Obrera (Workers Trade Union) - USO (Spain) see paper; Fernando Moura, president of Democrats Cristãos Federação dos Trabalhadores - FTDC (Portugal) and member of the IPCM; Roberto Milaneschi, president of the Associazione Stranieri Laboratory - Movimiento Cristiano Lavoratori - ALS-MCL (Italy) and member of the IPCM; and Dirk Uyttenhdve, president of Europees Forum (Belgium) see presentation.

The last roundtable was made up by Marta Jedrych, Project Coordinator for Employment and Labour-related intermediation. EDS - Fundacja Nowy Staw (Poland) see presentation, Nicolae Prodan, Project Coordinator Institutul de Formare Economica si Sociala - IFES (Romania), an IPCM observer body; and Erica Aladino, Expert on training for employment and labour-related intermediation, from the Immigrant Involvement Centre (CEPI), Usera - Madridd see presentation.


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