The International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM) release

The International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM), at a meeting in Lisbon, wishes to state the following:

  1. The World Humanitarian Summit, held in Istanbul on 23 and 24 May 2016, represents a major step in recognising the current grave situation in the international community. The commitment of the UN and its Secretary General are a call to action by all (individuals, governments, social organisations etc.) and were welcomed by the IPCM.

  2. The IPCM stresses the need to reaffirm the EU's ethical and political values, the defence of human rights, human dignity, individual freedom and social welfare.

  3. The IPCM believes that the EU is an exceptional process that has been enormously beneficial to its member states, their populations and the rest of the world. Therefore, the current refugee crisis must not serve to question the role of the EU or its existence, but - on the contrary - to strengthen solidarity among all and achieve a common position between all countries.

Lisbon 3 June, 2016