IPCM release about many thousands of refugees or immigrants wishing to enter the European Union

The International Platform for Cooperation and Migration (IPCM) is following events with close attention and concern, with many thousands of refugees or immigrants wishing to enter the European Union.

On this point, the IPCM wishes to state the following:

  1. The IPCM welcomes the fact that the international bodies such as the EU and NATO are taking action to save the lives of people fleeing from armed conflicts; to ensure the freedom and safety of people living in the EU itself; and to achieve peace and prosperity in all the neighbouring countries. The direct involvement of governments is essential.

  2. The IPCM considers it essential to act at the source of the problems. This migratory flow will inevitably go on as long as these conflicts and wars continue, coupled with religious and ethnic persecution and situations of oppression and extreme poverty.

  3. Europe and the international community must therefore implement a comprehensive plan for peace and development, aimed at Africa and the Middle East, following the style of the Marshall Plan. The welfare and human rights of millions of people deserve this.

  4. The IPCM urges its partner organisations to work decisively in attending to immigrants and refugees, individuals and families who find themselves in such serious and difficult situations. The IPCM requests that, together, we maintain a climate of trust and coexistence in our respective countries, and contribute to preventing extremist and populist posturing.

  5. The IPCM ratifies its position as stated in its previous communications on this subject.